Creating books of discovery is our passion! Treasure hunts, mysteries and hidden gems surround us,  just waiting to be discovered.  Explore a brand new place or uncover secrets and discover a place you have already visited!  Do you know why roller coaster loops are oval instead of round? Did you know that zebras have night vision? Which Disney

World park does NOT have a roller coaster? With our interactive guide books, discover things most people overlook.  D Magical Education is a company invested in uncovering the mysteries hidden in everyday life and in fun locations like theme parks, zoos, local attractions and more!

Learning is fun! Our team works with the same theme parks, zoos and other local attractions to create educational packages, customized to these exact locations.  Educational packages can be as simple as worksheets for specific ages, to complete lessons plans for every age. These educational packages are not limited to school ages. Learning should be fun for a lifetime! Adults, family reunions, youth groups, boy scout or girl scout troops,   we can help your group discover the world around you, whatever destination!

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