Our Family Tree is listed below as a graphic. Feel free to download it, and use it if you are "kin" to us. From this Family Tree, we have Ancestors (those included in this tree) and Descendants (those that descend from Freeman Sewell and Lola Mae Burnett Taylor. Click on the "Family Trees - Detailed" link to view family trees with much more detailed information. This is a work in progress.


If you would like more detailed information on James M. Taylor, check out the pdf ebook download link below (written by Patricia Cox in 1998), full of  information, photos, documents and loads of history on James M. Taylor and his children.


You can help us fill in more information, correct our current information and add new members by filling any of the forms on our Form page. The link to the "Forms" page is below. When you are finished filling out any of these forms, email  them to us at clanstokin@gmail.com.