Our Passion for Books

Creating books of discovery is our passion! Treasure hunts, mysteries and hidden gems surround us, just waiting to be discovered. D Magical Education is a company invested in uncovering the mysteries hidden in everyday life and in fun locations like Disney World!

With our unique books, every Disney World trip will be enhanced by seeing things that most people pass right by! The Mexico pavilion has an Aztec Sun Stone, do you know what it is used for? Our books help you uncover interesting things like these and learn more about why the Imagineers at Disney World added them to the pavilions.


We currently have over 21 books for you to choose from, with more being added! Our books range from interactive books about; the EPCOT pavilions, the Friendship Boats, to the Fireworks: Illuminations on the World Showcase Lagoon, just to name a few. Did you know that one of the Disney World parks does not have a roller coaster? Check out our Roller Coasters of Walt Disney World to find out that answer, plus much more!


Our Challenge Books series, available for each park, is an alternative to the normal autograph books for character’s signatures. Each Challenge Book offers a new way to interact with cast members and visitors to the parks, while adding a scavenger hunt feel.


D Magical Education is a company specializing in taking your next Disney World trip to a higher lever with discovery, treasure hunts, and helping you uncover the hidden mysteries at Disney World. Experience a whole new, unexplored Disney World!


If you have a subject that you would like help "uncovering the secrets of," we also offer customized projects, designed for your specific topic, place or idea. By adding interesting information, in an unusual way, anything can become something to be explored. Give us your parameters, target audience and other important information. We can create that special exciting project, just for you.